What forms of payment do you take?  We take cash or check.
How long does a typical groom take?  Baths are generally 2-4 hours and haircuts are usually four hours depending on the cut and the breed.
How often should I get my dog groomed?  We recommend every six to eight weeks.
Does it cost more for bigger dogs?  It depends on the breed as well as the coat, there is a base price and the additional charges are made according to size and coat.
Do I still get a discount if I bring in more than one dog?  Yes, we offer several discounts but you may only use one at a time.
What if my dog is hyper and unpredictable?  We can use a harness and we have special techniques.  Please call us for more information.
Should I be grooming my dog between sessions? Yes a good brushing at least once per week.
Walk-Ins Welcome
Dog Sitting and Boarding Available
Walk-In Nail Trims
Free Furminator
Large Breeds Welcome